To our customers, past, present and future.

First, thank you. There is a lot of noise out there in the world and if you’re anything like us, you are no doubt bombarded by the deafening volume of hype, so called innovation, and flavor of the month marketing. We are grateful and humbled that our product and approach has somehow cut through the noice and is resonating with thousands of people out there. We are truly grateful.


A little background color

To put it simply, OB/VS was created from our dissatisfaction with the state of the footwear industry, and our own desire to wear technical, functional shoes without sacrificing aesthetics and modern design sensibilities. After combined decades consulting and creating products for the biggest brands in the world — Nike, adidas, Puma, Salomon and more, we were simply fed up with business as usual. More and more disposable products while increasing prices to pay for athletes and rappers to hype them vs. rehashing the same clunky, overbuilt designs and technologies year after year, decade after decade? Wasn’t there a better way?

And so, we created the Explora One, the first trail ready sneaker to feature a merino wool interior, which provides the optimal microclimate for the foot. It keeps you warm when its cool out, cool when it is warm, and wicks sweat and moisture away from the wearer better than any other fiber on the planet. We have used a top grain leather that is typically reserved for $350-400 hiking boots, an ultra grip rubber compound from Vibram on the outsoles, and our own Heelok system which holds on to your heel like a ski boot, while giving your toes plenty of room to spread out — all wrapped up in a modern light weight sneaker silhouette. We believe the Explora One is the most comfortable, capable beautiful sneaker ever created for trail/urban use.

What’s Next

For 2019 we continue to build on themes of versatility and technical capability, while pushing aesthetics in an increasingly modern direction. Across 3 new models for men and women we have utilized ultra premium materials and maintained our relentless focus on fit while elevating form and beauty to heights rarely scene in technical footwear. Perhaps our most ambitious project to date is the creation of the OBVS ADPT – the world’s first climate adaptable sneaker. Our patent pending design is like nothing before — a 3-in-1 sneaker that transforms into the optimal footwear solution for virtually any climate on the planet. Hot, cold, wet, dry, winter, summer, snow, rain, mud, rock, sand or concrete the OBVS ADPT shifts form to keep you dry, comfortable and protected no matter where your feet take you.

We are pleased to invite you to take this step forward with us.


Kelly Dachtler, Tobin Teichgraeber


7 replies on “To our customers, past, present and future.

  • Ken

    Hi I just found out about your product on Facebook especially the explora 1 and When I saw it I said to my self I gotta have this shoes! But unfortunately the black color and size 9 is out of stock. When will it be back on the market? I hope sooner so I can order asap.👍🏽

    • Tobin Teichgraeber

      Hello Ken –
      You’re in luck. I located one size 9 in the black/gray colorway earlier today.
      If you would like to purchase this pair, please let me know today so I can process the transaction with you directly.
      Thank you very much,
      Tobin @ OB/VS

  • Ken

    Hi Tobin, I just read tour email. Do you still have the size 9 shoes that you’v located? If so I would like to purchase it. Thank you

    • Tobin Teichgraeber

      Sorry to hear that you are having trouble finding your size! We have had a stronger than expected demand for our footwear and are working as fast as we can to replenish our inventory. We will add your email to our list and let you know when we have more product in stock. Thanks very much for your patience!
      customer support @ ob/vs


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